Very Confused

It all started with a walk and taking a short cut thruogh the woods. Never felt a thing until the next day behind my left knee. I had an ich and sure enogh I had a tick stuck on me. Yuck. I freeked out so much that my husband had to call our Doc. He told my husband to look out for a rash that resembles a Bulls eye, and that if I did  have the rash to come in. Well i never did get the bulls eye rash so I never went for the visit.

About eight months later I started feeling crummy and thats when all the deffferent specialists came to play. I was sent from one Doc to another and no one could figure out what was wrong with. I also had to get my Gallbladder removed. Long story that much longer we were at a dead end and asked the Doc. if we should check for Lyme being that I had gotten bit. TADA!! test came back positive and here I am. I took the antibiotics and nothing still feel bad. He swiched to another kind and still no change. My main complaint is the dizzyness and air head feel that I have. Also the joint pain is getting bad. I go to venticular therapy to help with my inner ear problem that this disease caused. It's amazing how much damage can accure from such a little bug.

I get tierd of hearing that the antibiotics should get rid of the Lyme when I still feel bad. Do symtoms come and go? There are days when i am better than others. Do we have flare up days? I am looking forward to talking to people that know what I am talking about.

Thanks for listening


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Wanda,<br />
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You are not alone. I have been debilitated for over five years with chronic Lyme, severe babesiosis, co-infections, severe fibro, and more. I wish I were able to type my whole story. I would be interested in sharing experiences.<br />
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I am new to this group and am not sure of the best way to really connect with folks. I am typing key by key on an iPad in bed. I am unable to sit at a computer to type.<br />
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I will check back for comments.

Hi, my sister had Lyme disease. She feels better now but it took a very long time and a lot of doctor's visits before she started to feel better. Hang in there. I wish I could tell you it's not going to take a while but you will start to feel better in time.