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With little kids sometimes they get viruses that we just gotta let take their coarse. But with my son ~ the fever was on its third day and he developed a weird rash on his stomach. He couldn't move his neck, and he was simply crying and couldnt stand the TV on, no noise whatsoever.  I called my sister as I was worried about this strange rash on his stomach and the stiff neck he was getting.  She advised me to rush him to the ER, as I did.  The rash on his stomach had a bullseye in the middle of it.  The doctor took a look and blood work, and told me he has Lyme Disease in the second stage.  I've never seen a tick on him, and noone told me about the tick problem in this area ~ I feel so bad for him.  I feel this really affected him physically. He is active and had his treatment, but they say affects can last a lifetime.  I pray he is OK.  In my eyes he's still a baby.  He was only 6.

I hurt for him because he isn't able to communicate how he feels sometimes. He stopped talking, and now, I'm at a loss as to what to do.  I feel he shut down. :(

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thanks, we all have it, that swine stuff~~!!!!!! Baby not born yet, hope not till after this swine stuff leaves!!! Otherwise I won't be able to hold my grandbaby and see him born!!!!!!!

Awww no! You always seem to have such a lot to put up with!<br />
Any sign of the new arrival yet?

He's reallly sick right now, with the swine flu!!!! Things aren't good.

How's he doing now?

thank you, your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Its been so hard lately but its ok.