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I'm only 18, and I found out this year that the symptoms I've been having, that had been over looked and wrongly diagnosed as Lupus at one point, were really due to Lyme disease. I have the best support from my family and friends though. My mom was the one who kept having me tested when the doctors thought that I had Lupus, because she knew that it didn't fit what I was feeling. It started out with just joint aches and pains in my knees and ankles last fall '08 but it steadily spread to all of the major joints in my body. Finally affecting my hands and feet this past semester, my first semester at college. I was finally diagnosed in November and when I told all of my friends and my boyfriend they were all very supportive. Many of my friends even did their own research on Lyme to figure out what it was and ended up telling me things that I didn't know! My boyfriend has been my biggest support though, through out it all. He cares about me so much and just wants to see me get better. He's the only one that I can go to when I'm feeling bad, I usually tell everyone else that I'm feeling ok because I don't want to seem like I'm complaining all of the time. But he doesn't mind and is able to take care of when I'm feeling just horrible. I went to Dr. Forester in Louisiana this January for my first appointment with a Lyme-literate doctor. He's put me on like 5 or 6 different medications. I have to take 16 pills a day, plus a liquid medicine and a shot twice a week. But I actually am feeling quite a bit better usually. I still have my good days and my bad days, but lately, thankfully, the good days have been more common than the bad. I only have an early stage of Lyme though, so the doctor said I should be able to get rid of it, and hopefully in not too long of a time. I can't wait for that day to come . 

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i hope you feel better soon. i know what you mean about all the pills, i take over 50 pills a day and have three shots a week. its great you were able to catch it soon.