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Several months ago I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis.   I am a 73 year old female. I welcome advice about diet and long-term prognosis.  I am interested in learning more about the condition from those who are more experienced; especially what I might expect as time marches on.   Also, I am eager to know whether anyone has identified over the counter medication to relieve discomfort on the days when the symptoms are especially uncomfortable.  My doctor only mentioned Pepto Bismol and a friend mentioned Align (probiotic).  I have tried both and am eager to learn of other options.   Since I am based in Manhattan, NY, if you are aware of any support groups or of a gastroenterologist and/or department within a hospital in Manhattan that has expertise in the condtion, I welcome your wise counsel.
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Hi Carol:<br />
I too have been diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis. I am a 32 year old female. There are several treatment options that are not over the counter. My doctor has been extremely pro-active in helping me to manage this. I've tried Entocort - which I've heard works wonders but I had severe headaches and discontinued. I'm currently taking Asacol HD 800 and that is similar to the active ingredients in Asprin however it only activates once it's in your large intestine, so it's a very begnin medication. I've having success with is and would suggest you discuss with your doctor aminosalyciate (sp) treatment. I've also had success with Questran. Good luck!