My mother has lymphocytic colitis and is having a difficult time getting the meds to work. She tried all the over the counter meds with no luck. She has tried Asocol (can't spell) and it made it worse and now she is on a powder you put in a drink or food and it seems to be helping some. Does this condition ever go away or does it constanly have to be treated. She has lost about 10 pounds and gets really weak. She is 85 and in very good condition but this is getting her down.  Worried daughter

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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

i too have trouble with asacol, it worked well at first, then i relapsed and felt the asacol was working against me..but my dr. is reluctant to change to an old school medicine that may work better for me...i'm keeping after him..i'm the patient. fiber capsules do help bulk things up.