Diagnosed At Age 5

I have been living with Lymphocytics colitis for 12 years (I'm 17). The steroids stunted my growth, made it hard to thrive, and caused thyroid problems. I have autoimmune problems. Some include hashimoto's, kidney problems, eczema, psoriasis, on top of lymphocytic colitis. It's hard to keep weight on. Worst stomach pain in the world missed a lot of school. Been in remission happiest i've ever been:)
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Dear an EP User,
Sorry you've had a tough time. My son went through the same thing, and he found a way of eating that has moved him into remission and helped him rely less on medication. Check out the book (we bought ours on Amazon) by Elaine Gotchall, "Breaking the Vicious Cycle." Very few in the medical field pay enough attention to the effects that different foods have on restoring the balance of our digestive flora--this book does it. It saved the life of he author's daughter, AND--you can read the personal testimonials for yourself. Good luck!