I was diagnosed with LYP a year and a half ago, after seeing many different doctors, one finally figured out what I have by doing a biopsy on two of my spots.
He had never seen anyone with LYP so he basically handed my Husband and I a medical book and said " read this".....
He recently moved out of state so that leaves me looking for another Doctor who is familiar with or specializes in LYP.
I anyone knows of someone in Wisconsin please let me know.
Thank you

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I live in Canada, very rare disease and pretty much nobody is familiar with it. I was referred to the Cancer Agency where I live and have been assigned an oncologist that follows up, but honestly feel as though there is not enough info. regarding this disease and at times seems like I am not getting the care I need because of this.

Your post is 6 months old, but maybe you'll see this and be somewhat comforted that you're not alone! I signed in on this site thinking it was specifically for people with LyP. My daughter was diagnosed at 16, and it definitely gets worse with stress. We live in CA, and she has a Kaiser Dermatologist that was wonderful. Dr. Kriedel in Kaiser, Anaheim Hills, may know of another doctor in your location, since she had coordinated a symposium to share and troubleshoot treatment prospects for my daughter with doctors around the world. :)