The Need For Self Preservation

It has been quite an experience living in another persons home and answering to their rules.  It's also been difficult as I am an adult almost 50 with rules of my own.  My unscrupulous daughter set me up and I am paying the consequences for trusting her.  Now though there is a possibility that I will have a home of my own in as little as a week, maybe two.  Because of how I am I have become a solid member of this household. I am helpful, caring, dependable, and so on so naturally these traits are being taken full advantage of and I can't do anything about it because I have no place to go as of this moment.  I am terminally ill with various forms of arthritis and yet I have to "earn my keep" by doing day care with 5 to 12 children mostly by myself and household chores too and it's literally killing me.  There are days that I can hardly walk and my body is breaking down because of the demands being made upon it.  I have had two flare ups in three weeks whereas I hadn't had one since 2003 because I was able to rest and take care of myself.  I am in constant agony 24/7 and yet I have to push myself or be in the streets.  My position makes it easy for non-related to day care demands be made on me also. For instance just this past week I was dong day care with 8 children when the supposed to be care giver tells me to cook a lunch for her grown son and three teenage boys.  I had to do it. What was I going to say with my broke, homeless self. So I did it. She'd gone off to a function as she usually does leaving me to do it all which is pretty much as it has been. Some people say that I should be grateful to have a place to live and I'm thankful BUT, it's one thing to be kind and try to help someone in trouble out and it's another to use their misfortune to drain whatever life that you can out of them KNOWING that they are sick and have physical limitations.  My illness doesn't matter here.  I am praying that I can get out of here by next week and the first thing I will do once I get settled is to rest and get back my life and health.  There is no description for how much pain I am in. I also have fibromayalgia and my joints are as swollen as golf balls. I have tendinitis too.  I shouldn't be doing this at all!  I didn't expect to lay around and do nothing but I am being used and used up!!  I'm so tired and frustrated.  The woman is a nice lady despite what is being asked of me and I don't want it to seem as if she is a bad person because she is not. Irregardless of this fact she is taking advantage of my being here plain and simple.  My home cannot come through too soon!
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I hope you get your home too. Health is the most important thing. That includes mental health. Here is a site that helps you with copping with stress, depression, sleep, anxiety, etc.:<br />
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