Have So Many Thoughts

its 2 am. Im freezing cause i dont want to closs my window. listening to arcade fire, cause of youtube of course. anyway sooo i really wanna go to the oustide lands festival in san fran. i live in apple valley which is 7 hours away from there. i need to see the strokes! gosh i need to see julian. why do i let them mean so much to me? i dont know.  i think its because i feel like music is the only thing i have. It means so much to me, seriously. id give anything to learn the guitar, piano, violin. whatever. But anyways, so i was thinking since i love being at concerts and thats like seriously my favorite thing to do, why not be like a sales manager for the house of blues, or something along that line??? i would love to work for an arena, i think ive finally decided what im gonna do in life. and i dont think that its just cause im 17 and this, what i want to so, is shallow and stupid. I mean adults are the ones running these venues, so why cant i be one of them???? dang it i really want it!
anon26 anon26
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2010