Shout Out To Ragingskillet!!!!

I made a real new friend on here already.

We live in the same state and happen to live 30 to 45 minutes away from each other.
We met for lunch on Friday and I thought it went quite well.
I'd also like to thank him for being such a gentleman.  

Damn he is tall though, 6 feet 5 inches, I think.  He has a very nice smile though, it looks kind of mischievous, LOL.  Over all he is a pretty decent guy, we have a lot in common.  Including talking about nonsense and off the wall things.

We've been talking nearly non-stop today.  It's just nice to have met such a cool person.

Thanks LO
veilednightmare veilednightmare
31-35, F
May 19, 2012