Beautiful Things.

Running a home and raising children is expensive, as i'm sure most of you know.  I have struggled  and have done a number of extra jobs to pay the bills.  I have washed dishes for hours on end in a restaurant, i have cleaned homes in my local community,  i have worked for a flower grower.  I have always been grateful to have worked for lovely people who understand the difficulties of being a  parent. eg sick children, holidays, school hours.

But the one job i absolutely loved was  working with modern stained glass,  i did this for approx 3 years.  I could work on the weekends, evenings when work was overflowing.  I made beautiful things.    Glass art in Windows, partition doors, kitchen cabinets, shop windows, mirrors.  I loved working with the colours, textures  and the amazing designs.  Living in NZ people always wanted floral and fauna, native birds and the sea.  There was never a dull day.

I lived in hope that i would get to try my hand at a peacock design.  It didn't happen.  As we know all good things come to an end.

You can see the work that was done in the studio in my album.

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Your artwork is truly beautiful. I was able to see it in your album here on EP. Thank You. :)

Dear gryfnn, i feel very humbled by your comment. thank you. Your daughter sounds amazing. But my friend, you must give thought as to why we are like that, It's because of the great mothers of your generation, I am also in awe.

One of my daughters made me a large and beautiful jewelry box out of stained glass.....she works full time and has raised three daughters...her commute to work is 100 miles a day over mountain roads--snow in winter... She manages a large garden every year --has a good marriage and all the usual struggles---takes time for her grandkids--drops by my apartment frequently on her lunch hour...She some how manages to create all kinds of beautiful art-- in different mediums... I am in awe of her --- so blessed...She's about your age Tgilly---it's amazing how accomplished you are, the women of your generation.

Thanks, I loved this job that much it wasn't even work, it was like going to hobby classes.

Tgilly, stained glass is such a beautiful's a shame you can't continue creating using this medium...It must be so fulfilling to create a piece and see it through to completion!

You are abviously a creative person at heart and I hope you get to express your creativity again. I did a silk painting which I emboidered a few years ago and it hangs in my dining room.It was very fulfilling to do the design and create the wall hanging.

Thanks Paco, It is beautiful isn't it.<br />
I can't ever remember doing a job it didn't like. I used to get frustrated when problems occured and surprisingly this often happened with the colourless textures. So when you look at the pictures it's the plainer designs that were the hardest, Glass bevels were not a favourite to work with either. The more intricate and colourful, the happier i was.

I think stained glass is beautiful especially when the sunlight shines through. It can sometimes even cast a color silhouette inside the house on the floor or wall. <br />