I Realized This Today

I'm not as prudish anymore, I'm no longer letting fear of something take over me and prevent me from having a great time in new experiences.  I was sweeping water from our back patio and for some odd reason, it just hit me that I have evolved into someone I'm fairly proud of.  I used to always want to be accepted by my friends and people around me, always be what my dad wanted me to be, but my plans and ideas and my own path is not what they want.  It's something different and I know that, and the great thing is, all I have to do is keep going.  Show them that what I do matters, what I do I do with a passion.  I go the direction I'm meant to and don't worry about what others think anymore.  Be conscious, but not so self-conscious it cripples me.

filthydieseltech filthydieseltech
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Thanks emrldpeeps

I look forward to it!