Rickie Lee's Top 20 Albums

1. Hejira  Joni Mitchell

2.  L A Woman  The Doors

3.  Songs in the key of life, Stevie wonder

4.  Buckingham-Nicks

5.  An American Prayer  Jim Morrison and the Doors

6. Songs in the Attic, Billy Joel

7.  Blessed Are....   Joan Baez

8.  Pearl  Janis Joplin

9.  Use Your Illusion 1 and 2  G'nR  (I think this counts as one, LOL)

10.  Pretzel Logic   Steely Dan

11.  Back to Black  Amy Winehouse

12.  Ladies and Gentlemen, The Best of George Michael

13.  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  Elton John

14.  Purple Rain  Prince

15.  Highway 61 Revisited  Bob Dylan

16.  Graceland  Paul Simon

17.  Full Moon Fever  Tom Petty and the HB

18.  Belladonna  Stevie Nicks

19.  Trouble in Shangri-La  Stevie Nicks

20.  Shake Your Money Maker  The Black Crowes

RickieLee RickieLee
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Thanks. Yes I love Stevie. I used to think I was Stevie for awhile...then, somehow the fog cleared...LOL...then, I thought I was Joni....then I got married and I knew I was me....HA!!!! LOL Rickie Lee

My personal taste says Big Thumbs Up!