The Best So Far

In our city there is huge park, more like a wood in the middle of the city. It is a well-known place for car *******. We go there often.
This time we chosen a very brave spot and it paid of. We parked just of the road with the rear of the car facing the road and a front some path. Whole place is pretty dark at night, practically only lighting is provided by the head lights of the cars passing. While I was parking my wife started to undress herself. Till the time I turned off the ignition key she was naked. That turned me on all right. Few minutes later she was riding me and I enjoyed the site. Cars were constantly passing, few a minute, and each time they illuminated completely the interior of our car. She was on display for everyone to see. It was awesome. Some cars drove so slow or were even stopping for some time. I am sure they were enjoying the site also. And we did take our time. No rush. We both enjoyed our self’s and didn’t think beyond that. She came after a few minutes for the first time and she was pretty loud also. One of our windows was down all the time so audio was as good quality as video. She was facing the rear of the car so I can only guess what was happening there by the amount of light coming. But what turned me on the most is what I saw in front after some 20 minutes of *******. There was at list one guy stroking his **** not more than 2 meters from the car. My wife, naked with the window down in unlocked car with the stranger that she aroused stroking wishing he was the one in the car with ******* her... Oh I do hope dogging will become fashion here also.
Anyway, a little later I suggested to her that we move to the back seat. I wanted him (or them) to get a better view of her whole body not just upper part. She went directly there showing her whole body to everybody around while I opened the front door to go around. That of course turned on the interior light. I took my time to take of my shorts completely while she was in there moving around completely naked and clearly visible. A situation I could only dream of up until recently. I looked around to see if anybody is watching. I couldn’t see anyone but I am sure at least he was somewhere near waiting.
She really likes to ride and I didn’t want to hide her with my body so she rode me again. Back seat is more confortable so she had greater freedom of movement. Here **** were bouncing, her *** going up and down, she was moaning through the open window… I came in the few minutes filling up her **** deep. She came once more what makes it 4 in total for her I think.
The situation was great, spot was awesome, cars passing, voyeur stroking, open window... all of that that was superb. But the fact she is doing it willingly not because I asked, and the fact she is enjoying it so much and is so open has no mach. I think I am falling in love with my exhibitionist wife all over again.
kuca kuca
41-45, M
Jul 9, 2010