Mistakes Cost Me A Lot But Gave Me A Lot As Well

When I was a child, I was very sheltered and did not drive or date while still at home. I was allowed to make very few decisions. When I was thrust out into the real world. I made a lot of stupid mistakes. My friendship finder sucked. I was always for the underdog and usually there was a reason they were the underdog. I have lost out on an education, had two beautiful but unexpected children, and been forced off the road because of poor decisions. The scariest mistake I ever made was getting into the car with a friend and two guys we didn't know. Stupidly I went with them barefoot as well. They took us to a park and then started speaking spanish. I could not make out what they were saying but knew it was not good. They came back to the car and tried to rape my friend. We were able to break free and had to run for it. Remember no shoes. So here we are running in barefeet down a gravel road! We are running and they are chasing us with their car. We weave and dart through yards until we reach the hospital where we can call the police and end up in hiding for 3 days until the guys are caught and dealt with. And how was your day?
shoegirl1972 shoegirl1972
May 13, 2012