Laugh At Life

How many times have we all done stupid things in life whether it be by saying something we shouldn't't have? Or by doing something really stupid and not realizing it at the time?
Oh! must laugh at myself for the last several weeks here has been really costly.I was out mowing my lawn the other day and happened to hit a waste disposal cap for the sewer system that they installed in the yard. Yea! a hard cap they installed in the yard for the new houses they have built here. Just hidden and sticking up in the ground to destroy any blade that it connects up too.
I lost that battle after it sent my blade into the under side of my mower.En bedded right into the casing of the mower.Chop,chop,fissile,fissile and no more mower.Wow! What a way to get out of mowing. Lol. Anyways now this week I had a rotisserie sitting on my stove.As it was cooking I didn''t realize it was way too close to the back and had turned the knob on the stove on.
Yes,you guessed it. Melt down of my unit and quite the mess.Now I'm out one of those too.Costly yes.
Well this is just a starter of life and it's tragedies.Even if it does cost you in one form or another. Live and learn in life.
Sometimes you just look back later and have to laugh over all the stupidness instead of beating ones self up.Things could be worse...
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May 13, 2012