It seems as though in my near-23 years of life that I've made more bad decisions than good ones. Not enough to drag me down yet, though. Just gotta keep goin' and hope that the next one is a positive experience and not a regret.


Furthermore, who HASN'T made a mistake?


I think they're a very human thing and we're meant to learn from them.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

mistakes in life are like hurdles in a race you come accross them one at a time. If you find yourself back at the same hurdle the lesson has not been learned. Be open to the experiences of life and learn. Then your mistakes become little hurdles of learning and the next one you will be ready for.

You think you've made too many mistakes at 23, wait until you get to 30!! I sometimes feel that no one has made more mistakes than me at the age of 30 going on 31 but hey like you said everyone makes mistakes. What I have now learnt is that if I make a mistake and learn from the mistake, its not really a mistake anymore because I have learnt from it.

Although it's cheesy - I like that line in Batman Begins where he says that the reason we fall is so that we can learn to pick ourselves up again.<br />
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Very true - we have to just keep going, learn from our mistakes and realise that we're only human and we need help in life - we can't go it alone.