Mad Enough to Walk Away From Me...

I demand a certain level of respect and loyalty in my relationships.  If I don't get this then I will let the offender know in no uncertain terms what an a$$hole they are being, male and female.  I was disrespected so bad in a previous relationship that even the slightest hint of disrespect and I go off.  I went too far however and he walked away because of it.  It was a huge loss for both of us because we were so good together if he could only understand how important this aspect of a relationship can be.



Someone asked me this question and so I will answer here.  I think the number one thing that hurts so bad about a special person walking away from you is that you gave them your heart, and without your heart there you can no longer feel and you become numb.  You want your heart because without it you can't survive.

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ahhh ty sweetie.

Ahhh, but I am one of those "never say never" chicks. I don't give up.

No need to admit to what is already known. Its been a year. The towel is no longer in the ring to pick up.

Maybe if you admit you were wrong then she would consider taking you back if you promise not to do those things again?

We only speak of our kids needs now. In the back of my mind my best friend is gone and we both blame me . But she cant know that .. My Front is strong

It doesn't have to be that way. Can you talk to your special person?

Sayin I love you is just an easy way to close a conversation for a man.. I sound a little bitter cause I lost kinda like you did but in reverse.. Live,Cry and Hate... LOL for now

Agreed. Middle ground is great. i am all about compromise. I love you Squadi.

Thats good. That you stood up for yourself. your such a lovely persona nd you should be treated in the same manor you treat others. Respect in a number one in realtionships and if you don't have that then how can it be a realtionship. Its a two way street and some of us give our alls while it seems others just take take take. Why can't there just be a middle ground? x

If he didn't respect me then I lost nothing in my opinion. I have to have that in my relationship for me to be happy. I really didn't demand as much as let it be known upfront that it is a requirement to be with me. I chose my words poorly in my story. <br />
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I may not have lost him as he has been in contact with me since all happened and he says he loves me every time we talk.

Demanding respect may cause you to disrespect the person you wanted it from..<br />
<br />
What you lost could be your fault........

Thanks y'all. I appreciate your comments.

They have no respect for them selfs if they are not respecting you,,,stand strong sister,,,no given in to any disrespect,,,,,sometimes people just are not thinking of anyone else but their selfs,,,,selfishness is a very ugly treat,,,,just be true to who you are,,,,love and light mary

I love you too sweetie.

You got that right my friend. I love ya!

Yes, we do and without that life sucks.

We all deserve loyalty and respect in a relationship FG.

thanks ladies.

i have made plenty mad friend!

yes, there is nothing wrong with wanting loyalty and respect, FG.<br />
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Cuz you are sweet! :-P*

Everyone deserves respect and you should do whatever you have to do to get it.

LOL, never me. You are always good to me.

I have made a **** load of people mad...

SS, I don't know sweetie. PM me and I will answer that question.<br />
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It is okay TRW. thanks sweetie for being there for me.

He probably needs simmer down time, darlin'.