I moved to FL, with my dad. I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. After I had her I moved out of my dads. I met a man thats was 20 years older then me. He lived on a sailboat. So I moved in with him. We had little money, so we would wake up in the morning and pick fruit to eat and he would get palm tree leaves. He thought me how to make cool fun stuff out of them for the tourists.Things like hats, roses, cool stuff like that. We would sell enough to have a great dinner and things we need. But it wasnt the money for me. I loved making this, and fun to see what people thought of it. They loved it. Well most of them.Some people didnt care for them. But all in all, That was a great part of my past life.
AvaLynne AvaLynne
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Sounds nice.