I was told that Depression and Bipolar runs in my family.
But I believe the source of all the clouds and rains are disappoints and loneliness.
I started receiving treatment a year ago , at the start of my junior year of highschool.
My day depends on medication like Laxapo and Proxact, but I never found the right drug for me.
The psychologist Im seeing seems like the biggest bluffer ever, he refer to my condition as evidence of being a genius or a gifted. I cannot agree more , this gift from god had sent me clawing under my bed and cry at night countless of times. Right now I m currently finding the thing that made me happy. Sadly , through out my 18 years of living I had been trying to find what made me happy by trying out various activities from archery to oil painting. But I have to say that nothing jiggles my heart anymore.
ascaniuz ascaniuz
Jan 12, 2013