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Hi I'm 22 years old. I suffer with major depressive disorder everyday. I've been in counsling since the end of Sep. of 2004.  Just last summer my consuler dianoticed me with PTSD and MDD. It's been rough. I fell like not doing anything besides being on the computer. i don't do anything like i use to do. 
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Your diagnosis is exactly what mine is. I use Cymbalta and Abilify. For years I tried counseling, therapy, feedback, hypnosis, EMDR, you name it, I've tried it. Cymbalta seems to be the only thing that works for my MDD. You have a considerable advantage with a diagnosis at your age. It took my doctors 40+ years to figure out the PTSD, as a consequence I was untreated for the most part.

hi how are you doing what have you done to overcome ur major depressive dissorder? I have major depressive dissorder and also anhedonia which is really weird...pretty hard to explain if you ever suffer from it just not normal at all wish at times I could feel again...but doesnt come back...so yeah...I would just love to know what have you done to overcome it? how did you do it? hehe well thats pretty much it...

Yeah, you really need thorough recovery. But I personally doubt normal psycological treatments. Maybe some oriental practices might help, like Yoga, for example.