I've had maladaptive daydreaming since I was 9. My fantasies have always been about celebrities and people I've made up. They are mostly sexual,funny, and family oriented. I've never tried to live them realistically. Basically because I'm not famous nor pretty. But even though I dont live them they are still fully realistic. No magic, no metaphors, no willy wonka factories. Just a made up life with real and some made up ( but still realistic ) people. I'm never in the stories. All the people in my stories are good looking. Not perfect, just good looking. They all have different personalities. I base the stories off my real life. My parents, my friends, music, but never myself. Just the things around me. I keep my headphones in my ears with music blasting. I have a GalaxyS4. The galaxy has a sound setting on the music. Concert Hall, Cafe, and others. So if I have it set to Concert Hall. You should know that one of the people in my fantasies are doing a concert or in the studio recording, or even in the car driving somewhere.Maybe there's something wrong with me maybe there isn't. Either way, I wouldn't give my stories and fantasies for the world. They mean alot to me. But even with that, I know the difference between the unlived life, and the life that is lived.
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It sounds like you're very aware of daydreaming and the way the influence you (mentally and physically), which in and of itself, I think, is good. I think there are a lot of people who can relate to you, too. Have you ever thought of writing them down as a way to channel them? Or wondered why you are never in your own daydreams (I don't think this is abnormal. I don't daydream about myself either)?