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By now you know that I don't have many secrets. Not worried about other opinions of me as my thoughts on that is unless you're paying my bills (and maybe if you're sleeping in my bed) you really don't get a say on what I do so moving on. Not being a ***** just thinking a lot lately and some of the past is sneaking into my thoughts. Bipolar is a royal pain in the backside and it's kicked me oh so many times. Looking back though I know that had it not been for the manic there would have been some interesting times that I missed out on. Of course there would have been a lot of chances and trouble that I probably could have done without but you live and learn... sometimes.

So here's one that goes into the books as, well, not sure what I'd classify it as but what the hell.

Many moons ago, like kinda between one of my closest attempts and the big fall (explanations later) I had about a two year fly time. I was mostly up and I mean REALLY flying to the point that I got myself in all sorts of trouble. One of my stupid mistakes was due to a bad check, not a proud moment in my life but one I'm happy to say I've since corrected.

Anyways, although I paid the fees and such the grocery store that I'd written it for reported me and I was ordered to attend a class on money management at the court house. Boring so far, yeah hold that thought. I had my bf at the time, someone who was a big part of my trouble, go with me. He had planned on waiting outside for me until we found out all I had to do was watch some movie in a room all by myself.... and it was okay for him to come in. (see where this is going) Yeah, downtown, courthouse full of legal people and officers and more and we are in this little room, no lock on the door, going at it like two long lost pups. Needless to say not a proud moment but you tend to not care about where, with who, what, when or who is going to get hurt after-wards.

Okay not as exciting or as many details as originally planned but it doesn't all have to be x rated.

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