Support Groups -for Those With Mcl And For Their Loved Ones!

Hi, I am recruiting for two existing groups on Facebook.
One group is for those with MCL (and/or) for their Loved Ones/Caretakers.
The other group is exclusively for the Loved Ones/Caretakers (ONLY.)
Both are closed and private groups. (Only members of each group will be able to see what you post in that group.) The groups are Free of cost - and all legitimate requests will be accepted.
*You must be a have a Facebook account to become a member.*
Although most of the members are from the USA, we do have members from Australia and from Europe etc. A good deal of medical information is passed along in these groups, and a great deal of emotional support as well. If you are interested, please send a Facebook Friend Request to me: Rachel Ellen (you will see a photo of a blue flower.)
Please also send a brief explanation of your situation so I can assess if you can be included in these groups :)
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012


I couldn't see anyone with the same name and a blue flower as the profile pic. Could you please link to the group or your profile?

So excited to see your post. We are searching for support, knowledge and sharing as we fight MCL. Please accept our facebook request to join both groups. Praying and Believing! Judy W. E.