My Husband Has Mantle Cell Lymphoma

"ChicagoKeith" is my husband. I originally posted his story under that heading, but have now created my own ID.

Aug 2008: Keith was diagnosed with MCL, a rare incurable lymphoma.  It was so advanced, he would likely have died within a year without chemo. With chemo, he could live for a long time. But this is a fast growing incurable cancer. It would likely come back within 1-5yrs with just chemo.

March 2009: Stem Cell Transplant, which was supposed to extend the 'non-growth' period from 1-5 years (chemo) to 1-10 years (SCT). We were hoping for 10yrs, of course.

Feb 2010: A new CT scan shows some growth , so he has another PET test scheduled to see how fast it's growing. In other words, he may have to go through all the chemo again.

I guess since Keith is feeling pretty well right now, I really can't complain. Our daily lives are 'normal', right now.

But it's really difficult knowing that things are temporarily normal, and we're likely in store for another round of chemo. I BELIEVE (I'm not sure) that any new chemo won't be anywhere near as bad as what he went through last time - because they're catching it early. But any chemo is exhausting for him.

I'm still blessed to have him right now, healthy & happy (on the outside).

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I never heard of the "mini transplant". Thanks for that info. My husband is going for the results of his PET scan right now. He had an auto stem cell transplant. Perhaps an allo- would have been better. We'll know shortly. We hope to achieve "Cancer Free" as your daughter did...Hope.