Have Friends Gays, 1 Girl and Many Men But I'm Not One of the Few

I think those kind of people have a open-wide spirit. The men that i know are a mother's friends. Beside those men i feel to be understood. When I explain them for the first time my sexual preferences, they laught. They having a incredible interested conversations, they got a big culture, you can speak about everytings with them. They are artist, painting and music. they are all working like singer at the orchestra of France-Musique. I feel good when i am with them. Sure they are 20 years more than me but i find helps from themself. My girl-friend share friendship with me since she was 14, I was 24, this is a friendship began more than 10 years, it's never were demented, i enjoy to share a time with her, she's very good girl.

sadlifeman sadlifeman
31-35, M
Feb 28, 2009