I Am Blessed With Many Best Friends ......... I Could Never Pick Just One Bff.......

How sweet! A pal of mine phoned and said she was going to leave something at my door, but couldn't stay. I met her at the door and she handed me a " just because" gift.......so kind! Thank you, Donna!

The gift is a little plaque.....Here are the words:

Dear Lord,

I pray for wisdom to understand a man.

Love to forgive him, and patience for his moods.

Because Lord,

If I pray for strength I"ll just beat him to death!

Haha.......cute! Wisdom, Love, Patience.......if that doesn't work, go ahead and pray for strength ! LMflatAO ! Happy day to you, Kathie
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I hadn't realized that this story had zero comments til you... Thank you, LG. ;-)