Lock Me Up Now!

I have always been scared of clowns! only ever been to 2 circus' n was dragged to both!!

But i really thought i was starting to overcome my fear! as i had been able to watch some clowns on tv n seen pics without screaming!

But when i was at the download festival i was on such a high after watching 30 seconds to mars and papa roach i didnt even notice what i was walking to!!
All weekend there had been different people walking round on stilts wearing various outfits - devil ladies, devils, old people! such like just a bit of a laugh for people not watching the bands!!

Well this day they were dressed as deformed clowns!! I didnt have aclue until i was up close n personal!! I looked up n shouted f*** alot while backing off!! tey were blocking my only way out! damn one way systems!!

One of them moved his arm to cuddle the person having a photo withhim! i burst into tears!! i couldnt control myself!! My friend always knew i had a phobia of thembut didnt know how bad it was n she wanted to see how i reacted!! N she realised i wasnt gonna stay sane any longer n held one of my arms n covered up my eyes n took me away from them!! I never was the same all day as i was convinced they would always be around me!

My other fears are - birds, dark, horses, dogs,closed in spaces, open spaces, lifts, needles, dentists, crowds, masks, being alone - as in a house alone, getting lost, okay section me now!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Jul 6, 2007