Some Many Things Going Wrong In Just A Month

okay so i dont now what has been going wrong lately but this past month or so maybe a bit more then that i have had a broncatil infection,bladder infection,scabies,sleeping problems,fainting problems due to low iron,an my ive been having more panic attacks which invovle my hands getting shakey me crying all out of breath an heaving between talking its can be quite embrassing if thiers no reason behind it well its embrassing when thiers a reason too nobody likes freaking out >.< but yah i dont now what to do about this i feel like its abit of a snowball effect of being over worked when sick an not getting enought sleep but i cant do anything about that because its like my brain wont let me ive tried melatonin an it doesnt work for me my mom says its because ive expermented with too many uppers she used too be a nurse but i think its just diffrent for everybody an she just trying too bug me but if that was the case id be upset i dont want all this too be my fault.
nicky9090 nicky9090
18-21, F
May 23, 2012