Who Me? Which One?

hmm, what would i like to be today

i was made a dreamer. to be all that i couldn't. my dreams are broken and i don't want them to die, so i hold em together by playing them out. it's not really a secret, like living a double/triple/quad life, now that i understand i can easier explain things to people who don't get things like that. it usually scares them away. pshaw get away you small minded ignorant people or hang on.. wait, i'm gonna **** with you a little first. ha ha ha

it's so much fun, and some get it in a little bit and end up laughing about it. that's a friend to be. most end up trying to get me back, but i'l win. i always come out on top when i'm right. i'l just switch to a different personality to assess the situation so i'm not prejudice, i'l ask others and figure it out. i like to be fair but casualties are unfortunate and a part of life i suppose.
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Stories are how we build everything which can endure, and dramas are used to resolve situations. Great to have a safe place to work on that, people who will play that game with you, help you move your dreams into that enduring space and also improve your mind's eye.

I don't understand at all

I love this story!! I can really relate to this

its not about gentle actually, I don't even think its about consideration....I think it is about the armor that keeps us safe. We are all emotional, some of us have thicker armor and others have funny patched armor, some are transparent, but it is us that have been hurt the most that build the best armor. We do it with our intellect, we do it with our looks, some would think we have it all but it is only us that lay down at night, when we remove it to sleep, that know it is only our clothing and long for someone to take it off for us, to remove it slowly and gently for awhile, until we almost forget the process, it is then we will know that we have found someone to walk the path we have filled with everything but love.....I could have never said that to someone....

Putting it out there gently, that's something I have been considering lately.

I got one you can try on for size... :) I like to simplify truth and then drop it ever so gently on people about themselves. its funny because sometimes it's so simple and true they stare at me... then its like *beep you can see it on their face lol. Huh? I always get that as the next question then for their sake and mine I let it drop if they can't handle it. (also I probably won't be able to do this to you because you are more aware than most :)) ps I like crazy people because I understand what they are saying XD

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