My Other Half

I have a voice in my head that sounds exactly like me and I can talk to him but don't worry he doesn't tell me to do anything bad and I can turn him off hes not one of my made up personalities like Jenny or Jasper he's real and with out him I wouldn't be me, he makes up a large part of who I am, he helps my with my jealously issues, and tells things aren't always bad hes not always nice though but when hes mean I just drowned him out with mind noises hes really fun to just sit down and talk to but hes terribly shy we both kind are. When he has control I'm still here I just have a different mood and tone.
holyflapjacks holyflapjacks
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

I know exactly what you are talking about. One tip tho be careful u are young now he might still be innocent. The beautiful thing is u notice that he is someone else not just your conscious. But be careful that later in life u do not allow anything to overcome your actual thinking and your actual morals people like myself weren't so lucky to realize the voice and allowed it to become a darker side of me like another personality. Not a good one at that. So once again becareful and remember u control him. He does not control you. Positive note at least u will never get bored or lonley :)

me too