it's depressing. everywhere i go to speak with others i all ways get slapped around. when i revolt i get yelled at. it just doesn't work to talk to others. i'm tired of it. there's no place for us to be understood. Not here not there not even at church. at least they openly brutallized on the internet. every other place just softly talks things down.

i have memories that aren't mine. Peoples' emotions of those times flow through me. Why don't anybody understand that? why am i considered a sterio type of 'emo-phycho?' why doesn't anybody want to learn what i go through or understand my anger? people always stray from anger but isn't there somebody out there who has something like i do? Thoughts, memories, emotions of others i have come to know are inside of me and i can see and feel everyone of them like i was there and i can even talk to them as if i was standing next to them. I see their world and act as if i was apart of it.  why can't i find somebody else who also has this? Am i the only one who has to endure...whatever this is called?



sukaza4meshon sukaza4meshon
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that's just it, i don't know where to look. How do I start talking to somebody and then just ask 'by the way, do you have memories of other people coursing through you?' i'm just lost in a pot of sea green algee.

you can find someone. keep looking. you're not alone. you're not a freak.