I still haven't found any others like me but i can still look in several places still. Now that i think about it...these 'thoughts' that i get did save me from a depressing move. If it wasn't for that i don't think i would even remember what emotion was. But they do scare me...considerably. It's just quit sad...i tried to tell my camp friends once and...it scared one but another took it to offensively. She just blew up and became inhuman to deal with. I honestly don't understand much of this even though it's happening to me. But i seem to adopt the ways some of the feel or act. I remember during a tiekwando tournament (my first), I had to be placed against somebody weaker and younger than me. I tried to show mercy but i just can't stop myself. I held out my foot for warning but she just kept running into me. I felt bad because it wasn't my fault but...I soon developed a love to hurt others. NOT physically but emotionally. It was enthilling. Yet...it's just like one of the others inside of here. Either a Mindmilder or a 4th Generation...their names of different species. Anyway, I have to indeed be careful. I don't want to sucked away with these other adapted ways and throw out mine...it's not like i had much though. It's just hard sometimes, to differentiate between me and them.

sukaza4meshon sukaza4meshon
18-21, F
Mar 25, 2009