Please Spay and Neuter!

I love animals but I have too many really.  All are rescued or strays.. I didn't ask for them but somehow ended up with them.  I'm good with animals and love all of them (they all have unique personalities)  but it really is not easy to care for so many.  Some of them have had major health issues.  They are really a big responsibility, like children.  (not quite as much as children but still... like them)  I am a huge advocate of spay/nuetering.  Please be responsible and have this done for your pet!  I promise it is not bad for them.  Some people don't if they have a boy dog or cat but it is still very important!!!  All the animals I have were unwanted and most of them showed up at my door because they were dumped (I live in the country) and/or had no where else to go.    It is easy to take care of 2 cats (what I started out with... both nueter/spayed before reaching maturity!)

MissLily MissLily
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1 Response Feb 9, 2009

:) you do too. you're sweet. Thank you!(And you'd fit right in with several of my fluffy friends. )