First of All...

I'm a male!!!!!!!

I'm not supposed to have big boobs!!!!

They are most embarrassing things to me, and they came from my weight loss. I weighed 342 and didn't really have very big boobs... Then I lost weight to around 280-290 and they sag like crazy.

If I had health insurance and wasn't terrified of surgery, this is the one I'd get.

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hey moobs is sexy! <br />
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not kidding.<br />
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congrat on weight loss. don't feel bad, we all have to deal with extra skins one way or another.

When I was big, I mean they were there, but they weren't a big deal. Now I'm big, but at a weight where I'm pretty comfortable, but these moobs just suck so bad.

You are right about the insurance! Mine covered the surgery (thank God I worked for a bank) because it was affecting my back and shoulders (doctors can make a case for insurance to cover fairly easily). I love your term moobs (man boobs!).<br />
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And you are RIGHT you should NOT be ridiculed for your moobs from weight loss - you need to be congratulated for your success!

I would need insurance first. I'm not going to bankrupt myself to get rid of my moobs. I actually am at the weight that I don't mind. It's my boobs that put me off center.<br />
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I would do it if I had money. It's not right for a male to have boobs, and I shouldn't be ridiculed because it came from weight loss.

Lose all the weight you want to lose (I know, easier said than done) and then do it - it is not a horrible surgery (and my doctor told me that it is a lot less painful than breast augmentation).<br />
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I did it and don't regret it at all - 20 years in October - and I do remember having pain (but my big pain was in my feet when I woke up - they had braced my feet to keep me still and I had held my feet tense during the entire 4 hour surgery - they were awful but my dad rubbed my feet (after he laughed that that was the place I was having pain)).<br />
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So, the rest of the recovery was fine and pretty easy and when I had pain - it was because I STILL had breasts after surgery but you basically wouldn't so nothing will be fighting gravity and pulling!<br />
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Good Luck!