I was surprised after I realized how many people in this group seem to not believe in god. I don't believe in God, (in the traditional sense) but I do believe that there is something that caused religion to be so helpful to humankind. In the extremes of judgement that some people take religion it can be very detrimental too, which brings me to my original confusion. Why, if you don't believe in god, would you judge yourself by the standards of "sin" in the first place? I hope there are people willing to reply!
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i do believe in god,and if you think that religion is made by man,ur wrng,its gods work to make us do the right things in lyf!<br />
god bless u all<br />

It is a way to muck the system..

Great questions! Here are my thoughts on the subjects. People made up religion to explain what they couldn't explain and to impose social order. I think we are uncomfortable not knowing how our world works.<br />
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For me, to sin is simply to rebel against religion. It is a way of standing up and saying religious beliefs are nothing more than silly superstitions.