My List

I have a list of sins....

1. I've lied before
2. I have hated people
3. I've had sex before marraige
4. I tried anal sex, and I've enjoyed it
5. I've lusted after men
6. I've lusted after women
7. I've been addicted to ****
8. I've commiteed adultery
9. I've stolen food, money, clothes, books, magazines, all kinds of crap
10. I've smoke mari-jane
11. I stopped giving my tithes
12. I've been selfish
13. I've eaten shellfish
14. I haven't alway honored my parents
15. I've thought of way to commit crimes and get away with them
16. I've thought about killing people before
17. I've attempted suicide many times...and failed
I'm sure there are MANY more that I could add, the point is that I'm human. I'm sure ALL of you see some of your sins on this list too, maybe you can add to it. DOn't judge me.
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2011

I hope you have plans to redo these and add to the list.

You're naughty :-)

LOL....I'm human.

Oooooh you're bad!!!! ;-) .... And you've been addicted to what? D I C K? It's blocked out with stars so I can't read it. blocked out the wordP.O.R.N. Weird that they would star that out.

1. I didn't know eating shellfish is a sin! <br />
2. Please don't hurt yourself!

Oh, the shellfish is and old testament thing, and I'm done trying to kill myself. I love life now darling! : )

pfft old testament if I added that to my list I'd be lucky enough to breath without sinning