First Time Banding

I can still remember the first time i put a band on my bignuts. I was out in my service truck at a complex doing some work well i had to retunrn to my truck to get some thing and walked by the pool. It was a hot day and several ladies by the pool getting sun.Well being a normal over sexed stud i got arrosed and went in to my van I was going to ********** but noticed the elastrator laying out.MMMMMMMMM was what i thought and put a band on the tool i squeesed the handles and the band spread. WOW was i going to really do this well yes I put the bander up to my nuts and pulled some sac in,i squeesed the first nut and it went right in like it was waiting for this for a long time, well i had to really squeese the right nut to get it in too but it finally went in. I was shaking sould I release it looking out seeing the ladys by the pool with little or nothing on the answer was yes and i released the tool.with the pressure off the tool the band was still on the prongs and i worked the band off. **** I cant believe i did this can i get the band off I dont know but my pierced **** was steel hard.I went in past the pool and finished my work and by that time my nuts were aching . I got back in my truck and did get the band off but wowww what a trip I thought i was castrated Thats my first time and now am always looking for that rush

bignuts2go bignuts2go
46-50, M
Jan 22, 2013