Marfans Syndrom To Me

         My father had marfans syndrom. My mom had twins. It was a 50/50 chance that one of us would get it. I was the one  that got it. I hav ehad it for 24 years now. My father did hardly any thing with me. He was affraid that he would hurt me. I think that he saw a lot of him self in me. I hope that was the case. I was never close to him at all. He died when I was ten. So, I don't have that many memorys of him at all.
         I was teased growing up. Just because I was tall and skiny. I think that's why I gained some weight before I started eighth grade. Have a hard time getting rid of it. I know that the extra weight isn't good for my heart at all. I used to think that any guy would never want me at all. So, I never realy dated in high school at all. I have had a cou[ple of dates. But nothing more  than that at all.
         Over the last couple of years. mI have had some surgreys done on me. In 06 I had the atortic root replaced. That was  the first of four surgreys that I have had. In 08 I had my first of two head surgrys. It was to puit the celibelom back up where it belongs. That worked for a little while. But my head achs came back. In  the mean while, I hadf my gald blader taken out. Then, last year I had head surgry again. To help keep the celibelm bacj up where it belongs. I have metel and part of two ribs on my neck. It has been relocated. So, I have a hard time finding my mouth when I eat.
         I go to see a heart doctor every six months. Once a year I have a MRI done to check my atorta on the left side. Top make sure that I want need surgry on that side of the atrota at all. It has  the vains that run all over your body on that side. my doctor also likes to keep track of my  blood pressure. I have been told that I can't play any sports at all. So, I livewith that just fine.
          I now have a guy in my life. That doesn't care about any that is wronge with me at all. I thinkl that its about time hat some one cares about me. I would like to have kids someday. I know that I will make a really good mother. I look forward to seeing the guy that I like so much.

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I understand what Marfans is, and i wish you all the best of health..I was a post open heart nurse, and we had many Marfans patients..Please, do as they say...And, remember to always get your eyes checked too.<br />
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Chipperchick ;)

thank you for your story, i can see your dads point about being scared my son has marfans and i sometime feel that i have to wrap him in cotton wool to protect his heart.