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At first i live in belgium so forgive me for any mistakes.I have known for a long time what marfan is and what it causes,my grandmother had it,my mother and now i.I've seen two different women handling it so i've seen what mistakes you can make such as closing yourself up at home as my mother does.Or getting angry by the pain as my grandmother.We all deal with it in a differenr way.Their stories told me that you better deal with your limitations and as they say here:row with the peddels you've got.Look at what you can do and not to what you've lost and everyone around you has.What about the psychological side?
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does marfan play a big role in your depression and anxiety?

First of all I agree with you that you need to just go out and live your life and do most of the things that you can ,with limitations .As for the mental aspects of this ..well I have not rerally done that much research on the mental aspect of this .Imyself have depression and anxiety to fight along with this .As my mind is saying yes I can do these things and sometimes my body tells me no.It is frustrating for me at time so I try to concentrate on what I CAN DO! This helps me to excell in other things that are less physically straining on my heart .