They Could Cure It If They Wanted To!

i've seen a lot of doktors here,all they said they couldn't.But then i saw a chemist one time,he worked for a big pharmaceutical company here and he said they could if they wanted to.They have the technology to artificial make the gen we miss but it's so rare that they can't afford it.They'd rather cure things like aids or cancer,even as bad but more people have it so they'll have more buyers.More buyers mean less expensive.If i wanted a cure i'd have to pay millions.What none of us have ofcourse!isn't that typical the material world for you!
illiona illiona
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1 Response Feb 18, 2008

you're right! they don't want to cure it. or any of the other diseases that are such wonderful money-makers. cancer and aids included. <br />
it's sad but true.