One Squiggly Line Too Mny!

I'm a little worried. Lately I have been seeing squiggly lines on my left eye. This is something new to me. I have always had vision problems due to Marfan Syndrome but this is definitely a change. I am hoping o make an appointment soon to have my eyes checked out but due to the fact that I have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday to discuss my aneurysm I have decided to wait a little bit more. I want to see how Tuesday goes before I start anything new. I just pray that my eyesight doesn't worsen because I wait too long.

I've actually never had any problems that contact lenses haven't corrected. I'm not sure what to expect.

Has anyone had a similar experience? How was it corrected?
Bethsalomon Bethsalomon
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please tell me about your conditions, i have short stature marfans too how tall are you?

Hi! About me... Well in a nutshell I'm 5'10" and I weight 130lbs. I have had an aortic Disection and my doctors are following a second one which may or may not need surgery. Now I'm seeing floaters. I still need to have that checked out.

It may be what some people refer to as "floaters." If you want to speak to an expert, contact the nurse at the National Marfan Foundation at support (at) marfan (dot) org or visit the website at and click on the ask a question link.


It might be something loke you knocked your head into something and it is something floating in your eye

I have thought about it. Maybe I I'd hit my head but I don't remember hitting it. Whatever the case I have no pain and I am definitely going to check it out.

It might have happened when you were a lot younger


I take a pain pill. Like Hydrcodon. It also seems to help me.

I call it lightning. Its usually when my eyes also hurt. I can't take sound and light. I have found going into a dark room. That helps me out to have some place that is dark. I also have marfans syndrome. I am now dealing with my left ribs. They are protruding out. I wish you luck with your eyes. I get it in both my eyes.

Thanks for the well wishes. What is it? Do you take any meds or something besides the dark room to help you with this?