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Arrrrrgh... No I'm not mad, well maybe I am... Ok... Let's just say slightly upset. You see,  My niece is getting married this Saturday. It's going to take place back in the old country. My whole family will be there. I really wanted to be there too but I can't. The surgeon still hasn't called me back and I'm up in the air about my Aortic repair. When the surgery was postponed his secretary told me they would call in two weeks. It's been three weeks now and I still haven't heard from them. I would not dare go while in this situation. What if an emergency happened during the trip?  Nope... I would never risk that. Im glad the surgery is postponed. It seems i will have time to finish school but still I REALLY wanted to be at the wedding with the rest of my family... Oy!
Bethsalomon Bethsalomon
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1 Response Mar 6, 2012

My family already knows and understands (Thank God) but it's still a little sad not to be able to share with my family. As for the surgeon he is waiting for another surgeon. He will only do the surgery with him (unless an emergency presents itself, God Forbid!) but he is out of the country teaching other doctors how to do this procedure. They will call me as soon as he is back and then we will schedule. Until then all I can do is wait.