Growing Up With Marfan Syndrome

Hi, my name is Matthew and I am 26 years old. When I was born I was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. I found it really difficult growing up because I was so different from everyone else. I was a lot taller and skinnier than the other children at my school so I was always being called names. I hated going swimming because my chest was uneven and one side stuck out more than the other which made me very self conscious. This also had an impact on my love life but I won’t get into that. When I was thirteen the retina in my left eye became detached, which has left me half blind. At the age of sixteen I had a really big Scoliosis in the lower section of my spine. This meant that the lower section of my spine had curved and was resting on my hip. I had to have an operation to straighten it which involved removing several of my vertebrae and reconstructing my spine using bone from a bone bank, along with one of my own ribs that they removed. Titanium rods and screws were inserted to support the whole area.

Despite all of the problems I have encountered throughout my life, I still remain happy and content, and have no regrets.
MattSte86 MattSte86
26-30, M
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Bless you! :)