My Son May Have Marfans

my son is almost 14 and i think he may have marfans.  everybody else pretty much thinks im losing it.  anyhow' i took him to his family practice md who told me he didnt think he had marfans but i could take him to see a genetic specialist.  so then i started to think that maybe i was losing it and was going to just let it go.  well then i took my son to the optometrist since i already had the appt.  so she said he had congenital cataracts and also was at risk for developing glaucoma and also had strabisimus. so then i thought-well thats not normal. so i took him to a pediatric opthamologist who wants to do surgery for strabisimus but said he doesnt have caratacts or glaucoma and doesnt think he has marfans.  so then i took him to a specialist in glaucoma. she said he has and increased cd ratio and has glaucoma suspect and that he does have congenital cataracts but they are nothing to worry about. she also said he shows no signs of marfans because he retina is fine. so i dont know what to think.  my mom instinct tells me he has marfans but maybe i really am losing it.  if anyone has any input please let me know.  thanks

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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

If you are truly worried than go and get him tested but please understand that there is more to marfans than the eyes. As far as i am concerned the eyes re the least of marfans worries

a genetic specialist will be able to tell you if he has marfans or not.One tested almost my entire family and could say wether or not they had it.But also said that it was easier to tell around a certain age.It couldn't hurt anyway and it would ease your mind.

President Lincoln had Marfans Disease. I think if you believe this is so, you should explore every avenue possible to rule out this diagnosis. You're not crazy and no one is a better advocate for your son than you are. I wish you the best and I hope everything turns out to be alright for you and your son.