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I have been married for a year now and my husband has his own agenda. He gets angry when things don't go his way and he yells at me. I came with 2 kids already and he is very controlling about dealing with there father. He is very lazy and he stated it was because of his job so he recently quit to stay home and he promised me a clean house and all that jazz and it has been 3 weeks and he hasn't done hardly crap, he just spends his time on the computer, playing video games and watching tv. Mind you the kids are still in daycare and I am working 2 jobs to keep our bills caught up. I am frustrated, right now he is playing online video games and chatting with some random person and I don't agree with it. I feel as if I am at a loss because every time I mention anything whether it be his attitude, his lack of help, my exhaustion he gets angry. I'm fed up. Any suggestions?
fedupmomma fedupmomma
1 Response May 11, 2012

I'm not married and have no children. Still, I've got sisters and I hurt that story before. Maybe you should have some 'words' with him. But, before you should be 'Very Calm'. Sometimes a 'quiet' conversation makes more 'effects' then 'shouting'. Take your time to talk. Is it normal that you have such 'work' and he's playing on computer. NO, it's not normal but I will not be able to help you...You should have a CALM TALK to him, and the moment should be well chosen. For example before going to bed, you could tell him - Am sad for you and only hope that you will find a way. Good luck.