Husband And His Mistress Are Doing Mental Torture To Drive Me Away

I am a professionaly qualified woman married to a professionaly qualified guy for last 9 years.
ours was an arranged marriage and my family gave them adequate dowry as per demands.
My mother in law is very greedy and dominating and from the first day of marriage she and my sister in law made it very clear that  they dislike me.They started troubling me and my husband was a mute spectator.He is in total control of his parents and younger sister ,a puppet in their hands
My husband got job in another city and we moved there but the interference of my inlaws continued in our life.All my husbands account were in joint account with my inlaws.They were keeping track of our expenses.My husband would share every detail of our personal and sex life with my mother in law.I was unhappy but tried to adjust hoping that with time husband would change.I too took up a job and life took a set pattern with me hoping that husband would learn to stand up on his own eventually.
After three years i discovered that my husband has a female friend who would call often,sometimes in late hours and my husband would take the phone to bathroom or terrace to attend the call.I observed for few days and confronted him.His reaction took me by surprise.He hit and abused me.Than he started to push me out of the house.I clung to his tee shirt which got torn.He then took pictures of himself and his torn shirt and sent it to their parents claiming that i am accusing him of extramarital affair and hitting him.They arrived next day and accused me of unjustly putting blame.They called my mother and threatened her that they will send me back because i accused their son.I belong to a very nice family and well educated yet this physical violence took me by surprise and i went into a state of shock and depression.I didnt want divorce and just wanted the matter solved,hoping things will get better.I 
My parents asked me about my decision and I told them i want to live with him only.
For some time things seemed to have come to normal.He behaved as if nothing as happened.However after this episode he became violent and started abusing and hitting me.I told myself that its because i had accused him of having affair.In front of societ he was a perfect husband.My family also thaught that things are fine between us.This state continued for next two years
I conceived fours years back and life became hell.When i informed him that i am pregnant he wanted me to get an abortion done.I refused.He called his parents when i was three months pregnant and all three of them started giving me mental torture.I was not well during their visit.They would object to me taking rest.My inlaws didnt come for delivary.My husband became very irritable and refused to help me with taking care of child.He showed li and ttle love towards my son and made it clear that taking care of child is my responsiblity and not his.When my son was around 4 months old his attitude and abuse made me serioulsy realize for the first time that i have been living in denial and things are not well in my marriage.It was around this time that i found out that my husband was indeed having a very serious affair with thatlady and intend to leave me.He has no ground for divorce.So he and his mistress started started doing mental torture.We used to go a common prayer place every sunday.They openly made their relationship clear to me,she would smile knowingly looking in my husbands direction,they would sit together...her friends would mock husband would go where she was standing..they would talk and look in my direction and laugh...i decided to keep a brave front...i stopped going to the prayer place two years back.Around this time i learned that my inlaws have also accepted the relationship
My problem now is that me and my son keep getting sick for last one and half years...we get nausea,vomitting and diarrhoea..i noticed something black in my sons stool in diaper several times...i have developed a fear that we are beingslowly poisoned by my husband and that by staying in this house to save my marriage i am making family feels i am being paranoid and that he will not stoop to this level...
6 months back my husband callled my mother in law with out informing me of her visit...she stayed for 15 days and tortured me..she would scold my day she started a fight with me and asked me to leave the house...i said i will shout and inform neighbours what they were mother in law later went to two of my neighbours and asked them to say to police that i am psychic...they refused.She told them false stories about me all with intention to proove that I am mentally not stable..  neighbours informed me later and asked me to be careful.
After this for last 6 months i am living in fear that my inlaws and husband will harm me and my son
terrifiedlady terrifiedlady
3 Responses May 13, 2012

just leave him. U are a working woman and does not have to depend on him.

i think u should leave asap....your life is more important....just leave.

Take your son and run to your parents. No marriage is worth your health or the precious health of your child. Get out while you can. This man obviously does not love you. Money is not worth your life either. Run and don't look back.