Not Married But Was About To Be

ok me and my man have been together for 5 yrs as of right now we are split but we have kids so i still see and talk to him every day. i broke it off about a week after our 5 yr mark cause i didnt know if i was still in love with him for months he would come home from work and just act like me or the kids wornt here and i felt like he didnt love me anymore so i started talking to an old friend of mine it was just talking he dosent even live in this state and so he started talking to a girl he had had a thing for for a few years and now i know i want to be with him but he wont even try cause he likes this girl verry much we have both cheeted i kissed some one and he did somthing worse so what should i do leave him alone or keep trying? we still have sex offin and i dont know if i should stop that too?
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Think of the love and affection he had on you during the intial years, Find out the reason why he has changed now. Speak with him and get things sorted.<br />
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The more you both speak openly the more your differences get reduced. Every marriage has a itch after some years its upto both of you to cross the line.