Trading Wife Pictures Destroyed My Marriage

When I first signed up with ep, i was intrigued by the trading wife pictures groups. I started by posting nude pictures of my wife with her head cropped out. I started to become addicted to these groups and found myself checking messages multiple times a day. I then progressed to posting pictures of my wife without her head cropped. I started to get a high from all the compliments I was receiving about my wife and the thought of other men being attracted to my wife. I then talked my wife into letting me take x-rated pictures of her. I lied to her and said that I would delete them the next day. Instead, I posted them to my ep profile. It was a rush the more people that viewed her pictures. Men would send me pictures and videos ************ to her pictures and again this become more of a rush. I never once took into account how this would effect my wife. She is a local public school teacher.
My wife ended up becoming suspicious of me constantly going on the computer in our basement. She suspected I was having an affair. She installed monitoring and key logging software on my computer. I received a call from my wife while I was at work. She was crying and told me I needed to come home right now. She wouldn't tell me why but I knew deep down why. She confronted me with my secret ep profile. It was the most painful day of my life to have her see all the derogatory and demeaning things that were said about her and the fact that her pictures had been viewed over a thousand times and that random men had x-rated pictures of her. She also located the videos and pictures that were stored online of men ************ to her pictures. She took my clothes and threw them out the door. She had every right. She threw me out and we were seperated for 6 months. We are currently in marriage therapy and I have a long way to go to restore her trust. Some of the damage is permanent. My wife did a reverse image search on the pictures that I had posted on my profile. She found many of them on pornographic websites. Some of the people I had entrusted to view her pictures posted them online. We have only had limited success in getting them removed. My wife is in constant fear that she will be recognized and lose her job or worse. She told all of her friends and family about what I did. It has ruined my reputation in the community. I can't go back and change what I did. When i started posting pictures, I never foresaw this happening to my life. I'm not sure if my wife will ever trust me again. It has had a tremendous negative impact on our children. I hope people think before they post pictures of their wives without their knowledge. I wouldn't wish what happened to my wife or me on my worst enemy.
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This is sad. I hope u get to sort it out

your bad luck


no problem..change your wife as prositute and earn money man.