I Wish...

I wish you could empathize instead of judge me. I wish you understood that your words have such a profound effect on me, they don't just "roll of my back".
I wish you knew how much I love you, and what I hope for your future. I want your life to be filled with love, joy, laughter and peace. I want this for you more than you seem to. I wish you could slow down, not be so defensive that the true meaning of what I am trying to say gets thru before you cut me off and start yelling about something you're hearing, which isn't close to what I'm saying.
I wish you would stop saying "you don't care what I do" when I stand in front of you crying. Instead of kicking me when I'm down, I wish you could hold me till I stop crying. I wish you wanted to hold me till I stop crying.
I wish you cared about us as much as you say you do. I wish your actions matched your words. More than anything, I wish you weren't going to end up alone.
KarynT45 KarynT45
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5 Responses Nov 18, 2012

wow sounds exactly like my husband. I wish he saw this

There are times when we can only wish. If only our wishes would come true. Life is such that it does not care who it hurts neither is there a way out so it seems.
I hope you find solace at least in EP until then.... when I cannot say as I am hurting too.

This is very sad. . .

I hope your muse gets this. They seem to be missing a very kind soul...

Thanks so much for your words of support! Ive talked about maybe separating, because if he's not feeling it he's not feeling it. He freaks out whenever I talk about it. I've never been the sort to want someone to stay for my sake, or to stay where I may not be wanted. Sad is exactly what i feel. We will see what happens...thanks again!

I am so sorry for you, but sounds sad, that he is not there for you... also sounds like his love or affection towards you have wondered away, i think thats when people become unpatient with eachother... Maybe he has some problems at work... Try to talk to him... But i am feeling for you... Good luck!